Travis Todd


Travis Todd


Travis Todd is an American serial entrepreneur living in Berlin, Germany. He started his Berlin career as a front-end design and development consultant for Unlike, Simfy and other Berlin-based tech companies. He founded Silicon Allee, Berlin's foremost international tech community, as well as startups Buddy Beers and Toast. Travis has been leading technology startups at an executive level since 2007. In 2014 he helped successfully bring One Spark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival to Berlin. Currently Travis is part of the founding team for, building collaborative startup campuses around the world, as well as CEO of Silicon Allee, leading their new campus in Berlin Mitte.

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There were interesting opinions, relevant discussions and it was very worthwhile coming over to Berlin for Recharge. The discussion over what makes a serviced apartment what it is was one of my highlights and the Escape Room on Day 1 was good fun.

Jeff Swanson, RMS, 2019

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