Homewood caps length of hotel stays

US: The city council in Homewood, Alabama, has voted to cap the length of hotel stays within the city limits.

The city’s previous code did not specify the exact number of days, according to Councilman Patrick McClusky.

“Our code previously had the word transient in there. We have just taken that word, transient, and matched it to what the state code is, which is 180 days,“ said McClusky.

After 180 days, hotels will be required to report the violation to Homewood’s Code Enforcement division of the police department. According to Alabama state law, after 180 days, hotels can’t charge lodging taxes because the person is then considered a resident.

McClusky said Homewood has had previous issues with people staying in hotels for years on end. “It’s been an issue with other hotels we’ve dealt with. So, we just wanted to go ahead and get that in black and white so that we have it in our zoning,” he said.

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